This website is designed for anyone with questions about psychiatric disorders and mental health, whether they be patients themselves or the family and friends of patients. ePsychiatrist offers the possibility of safe and anonymous conversations with psychiatrist Jeroen van der Linden and his colleagues. All questions will be answered, if possible, within 24 hours.

ePsychiatrist offers information about disorders in the human brain and about neurotransmitters and medication that influence the chemical metabolism of the brain.
 In addition, there is guidance and support for friends and family of people who suffer from a psychiatric disorder.

There are so many aspects to psychiatric disorders that the biological-psychiatric perspective can only ever give partial or even one-sided answers to specific questions. 
The very concept of a ‘psychiatric disorder’ can even be called into doubt. It’s about problems people run into; about how he or she can live a fulfilling life. More important than the information presented here is the interaction with family, friends and peers.

Engagement with another person is often the most effective form of support. That is what a conversation with a psychiatrist is supposed to provide: one on one support. The information provided on the ePsychiatrist.nl website is not intended as a substitute for meeting a professional in person, but we nonetheless hope that the website offers significant support for your questions.

eConsult has been active since 2011. To see how it works and what it costs please see the links above.