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ePsychiatrist.nl is a continuously developing website that offers an up-to-date description of the most common psychiatric disorders. The information is structured in the form of recognition, background and treatment.

ePsychiatrist was created and is run by Dr. Jeroen van der Linden. He is a psychiatrist and a psychotherapist. He led the schizophrenia research department in the University Hospital of Utrecht, where he worked closely with head of psychiatry Professor René Kahn and with Ypsilon, the association of relatives of people with psychotic disorders.
 He mastered piano and double bass at the Conservatorium of Amsterdam, and played the double bass in the Orchestra of the Eighteenth Century directed by Frans Brüggen. You could say he has trained the listening ear in many possible ways. 
For his strategic and organizational abilities he is often asked to undertake temporal management of organizations in the health sector and of cultural institutions. He was substitute artistic and managing director of the Concert Hall of the 21st Century (Muziekgebouw aan‘t IJ) in Amsterdam in 2007 and 2008.
 Jeroen van der Linden currently works as a psychiatrist and psychotherapist privately in Amsterdam. You can read more about the practice and how to be referred there under the headline  reference.

The website is cleverly designed, with a main menu that rolls out when you hover your mouse over it and a submenu in the left margin. There are also breadcrumbs to see how you ended up where you are at the moment. It seems hard to get lost but if it may occur then there is the home button that will bring you back to the main page.
In case you cannot find a certain subject in the navigation-menu, then the search function can be used. Names and subjects can be “googled” within the website.
If you want to print a page, this will automatically be done only from the offered text.

The pictures in the headers are made during walks, for example through the former hydrodynamic laboratory in the Voorsterbos (Noordoostpolder), where artworks were displayed by Lobke Burgers (“Blessengers”), Toon Elfrink (“Tide”), Marga Houtman (“Zwanendrift”), Joseph Tasnadi (“Quiet Zone”) and Rumen Dimitrov (“Metamorphosis”).

Special thanks go out to René Kahn, André Dekker and Detlef Meijer. René for his texts from “Guidelines on pills and psychiatry”, André for his encouragement and Detlef because he built everything to be accessible to visitors as well as to the people manage the content.

Comments on the text as well as on technical aspects of the website are more than welcome.
Send them respectively to redactie@e-psychiater.nl  and webmaster@e-psychiater.nl and  

To help carry the costs, this site will place advertisements from Google as of September 7, 2012. These ads reflect the contents of this website, as how Google seems fit, but also the surfing behavior of the visitor. So, when you have a history of booking flights and hotels you are more likely to encounter advertisements for vacations.

If you want to support the website you can so by done by transferring an amount to the Triodos bank, account number 2547.048.08 of ePsychiater Amsterdam, The Netherlands

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