psychiatric disorders

Today we speak of psychiatric disorders, not diseases. The term disease since the discovery of bacteria as pathogens reserved for diseases whose cause is known, that a certain course, and which in most cases it is clear what is to be done. For psychiatric disorders is different. Body and mind are so connected that it is questionable whether there make the distinction even more complicated than it already is.
ePsychiater describes the problems, as you can recognize them by yourself or with friends and relatives. Here are the common definitions and there must be said that the utility of using these definitions by leading thinkers seriously doubted. Richard Bentall, in his book "Madness Explained" (2003) powerful arguments for a different approach to psychological problems to choose. 
Most problems are on the outside can not be determined. Psychiatric problems are set in the perception of people and within human relationships. There is much suffering that remains hidden from view, that is not at all explained by the diagnosis and certainly can not be treated with standard therapy since then to let go.
Always in the setting of a psychiatric diagnosis the criterion that the disorder entails limitations in social, occupational and interpersonal functioning. That's just the definition of disorder. The idea that there is a diagnosis a treatment coupled supposed to be, causing a DTC, a diagnosis-treatment combination occurs, is a misconception that only too happy is maintained by pharmaceutical companies and agencies who care affordable and manageable want account. Having said this keeps ePsychiater abide by the internationally established criteria for the diagnosis, the classification of psychiatric disorders according to the DSM IV, Diagnostic Statistical Manual, fourth edition or the International Classification of Disease (ICD10).Naturally the site is not complete and some aspects remain undiscussed or underexposed. In the navigation groups disorders are mentioned in the margin the various disorders themselves. The Child and Adolescent Psychiatry has a small department.